Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nanoArt: beauty that cannot be seen by your eyes

nanotechnology is the technology dealing with everything in nano-scale (10^-9 m, or part per billion of one meter).  Now can you imagine how small it is?

If not, think about your hair. Do you see the cross sectional area of your hair?  I would wonder if you can see it. Anyway, nanometer is thousands times smaller than your hair's diameter so maybe you can see nano-thing only in your imagination (or with super high magnifier device).

The reason I'm talking about nanotechnology is, first, I'm studying nano-engineering major (doing some engineer with nano-material), and second, recently I just found some super cool image of things that people make it into "nano-scale".

for example:

Nano-Toilet by Takashi Kaito

Super cool, huh?  If you still don't know how this clay-like tolet looks cool in my view, let lood at the scale at the bottom of the picture, that bar is scaling into 1 um, just part per thousands of your hair's diameter.

At this level, surely you can't look at this nano-toilet by your necked eyes, no magnifier lens, maybe some high resolution optical microscope can do that, but in general at this level we need to use super special expensive microscope to image.

Necked eyes cannot see them, but using special type of microscopes called "electron microscope" would be able to see this bird-flu virus and also nano-thing

Even you can't see by your eyes, but people still put all effort to fabricate things in nano-world (and me too, laugh).  One of the well-known method is to used laser write the pattern into soft substrate such as plastic (PMMA), and then use it as micro-mold to fabricate nano-things in hard material (silicon), namely "laser direct patterning".

Anyway, in order not to make this blog seems like lecture, I would stop explanation now and move to the gallery of wonderful "nanoArts".

Nanobama by John Hart & other Nanobliss folks

Nano-Chess by A. Linden & S. Bauerdick

Nano-Yoga by Chiaki Minari & Shinji Matsui

Nano-Playboy by John Hart & other Nanobliss folk

Actually, one could says the 3D patterning is much harder to fabricate comparing with 2D stuffs. So I can say Japan (nano-toilet, nano-yoga) do much better in nano-patterning comparing with America (nanobama, nano-playboy).

And when two students from Cornell university feels like they want to play music in nano-world.

nano-guitar from Cornell

If you want to listen to its song, check this link. In my opinion, I prefer song in normal world, laugh.

Be frankly, those images I've shown you above are made in micron scale (part per million of meter), you could say it is...kind of...nano-thing (part per billion of meter).  So let move to smaller scale, to the actual nanoArts.

This is very first nano-image from IBM.  Notice that one dot is just one atom, around ten thousands times smaller than the nano-toilet stuff!

Smiley faces made from DNA origami by Pothemund, Caltech

DNA origami for the smallest America

Gold nano-Jasmine from Nanotechnology Center, Chulalongkorn University

For "Thailand can do", this is gold nano-particle which looks like Jasmin flower, the symbol of the queen of Thailand, so my university (Chulalongkorn University) just gives it to our queen as her birthday present (anyway, I don't think she can see this present).

Finally, I want to conclude this blog with this, so called "The Thinker: Le Penseur" to remind you that all of these nanoArts come from the people who spend more than half of their life being "Le Penseur". 

Even original Le Penseur lives in French, but this nano-Thinker is developed by Dong-Yol Yang, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Laser direct patterning on Sculpture.

Okey, now do you think it is wonderful?

Nano-Vodka by John Hart & other folk at Nanobliss

Absolutely, huh?